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The Berkeley Lacrosse Club is pleased to offer need based scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis. Scholarship does not cover uniforms, US Lacrosse membership**, or equipment rental.  Please submit a request for a scholarship for the current lacrosse season. For multiple children submit separate requests. All information submitted is confidential.


You must also register your player for the current season on our site.  Go to the "Register Online" link at the top of the Berkeley Lacrosse web page.  Complete all registration information except for payment.


**Players who qualify for Free & Reduced lunches are eligible for a discounted US Lacrosse membership ($10 vs $30), however the US Lacrosse magazine is not included.  To sign up for this discounted membership, include the information when you contact  and PRIOR to completing the online registration process (valid US Lacrosse membership is required for registration).


Please email SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION and include the following information:

Player First Name:

Player Last Name:

Parent/Guardian Name (First, Last):

Parent/Guardian Email (Main Contact):

Is this the email we should send confirmation email to? If not, please provide the email address:

Gross Annual Household Income (documentation may be requested):
What team do you want to register your child for?


Fall Ball:

  • Boys 8U
  • Boys 10U
  • Boys 12U
  • Boys 14U 
  • Girls 8U
  • Girls 10U
  • Girls 12U
  • Girls 14U                    

Type of Scholarship (Full or Partial Scholarship):

Has your child played lacrosse before?  How long and where?

Will your child play other sports during the season? (No, only Lacrosse or Yes, Lacrosse and another sport)


1. Why does your child want to play lacrosse?
2. Please list or describe all financial circumstances that the Board of Directors should consider as a basis for awarding your child a scholarship.

3. How did your family first hear about lacrosse/ The Berkeley Lacrosse Club?

We also ask that you complete the registration process for your child on the website, skipping only the very last step of paying.  We will get back to you as soon as possible about the status of your scholarship application at which point your registration will be credited by the scholarship amount awarded.

We look forward to seeing your child on the field this season!