The Berkeley Lacrosse Club's goal is to provide boys and girls the opportunity to learn and play the wonderful sport of lacrosse. We have players from Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito, Richmond, El Sobrante, San Pablo, and Hercules.

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Week Two Update

We are in the middle of our second week of practice, and I wanted to update palyers and parents about what we are working on.  

Wall Ball Competition

Passing and catching skills are the key to success in lacrosse. In an effort to incentivize players to practice passing and catching between team practices, the other coaches and I have come up with a weekly competition.  Weekly players are to submit short videos showing their progress on a set of skills.  The rules for each week will be issued at the Tuesday practice, and video submissions are due the following Sunday evening.  I aim to change up the goals weekly to reward players with different strengths and skill levels.  This will involve a friend, sibling or parent to film, but it's brief (if anyone doesn't have the ability to do this with a phone or the like please email me). 

This weeks challenge is three 20 second videos, one right hand, one left hand and one switching (pass and catch on one side, switch sides, and so on).  Tally all the complete pass/catches in the three 20 second videos and email me with the videos and the count. There are numerous wall ball videos on the internet, the video below has a good example of right hand. Notice passes and catches begin and end in the tripple threat position (stick horizontal next to your head at your ear, this is the best place to start a pass, shot or dodge) 


Lacrosse Jargon Glossary

In an attempt to centralize information for your player, we are going to work to add to this information regularly

Used when communicating ball or player position

Lacrosse Goalie Terms

1. X – Ball is behind the goal at “X”

2. BACK LEFT – Ball is behind the net, left side

3. BACK RIGHT – Ball is behind the net, right side

4. SIDE LEFT – Ball is on the left side of the field

5. SIDE RIGHT – Ball is on the right side of the field

6. TOP RIGHT – Ball is top right

7. TOP LEFT – Ball is top left

8. TOP CENTER – Ball is top center

Defender On The Ball 

These terms will be used for defenders guarding the man with the ball. As a goalie, you must communicate to the on-ball defender to help him keep good position and remind him how to play solid defense.

9. HOLD – This call is used when you do not want the attackman to advance any closer to the goal. The defenseman on ball should engage and not allow his player to freely advanced closer to the goal. When a player becomes a shooting threat, we’ll yell HOLD to limit his advance.

10. TURN – This instructs the defensive player on the ball to turn his opponent in the opposite direction. Often used when an attackman drives from X and we want our long pole to turn the attacker back inside into the oncoming slide.

11. POKE – This lets the D-man know he should be poke checking the player with the ball to avoid an easy assist.

12. PIPE – When a player drives from X, Back Left, or Back Right we’ll yell PIPE to indicate that our defenseman has reached goal line extended (GLE). Yell this just a step before GLE so that by the time the defender processes the call he’s at the PIPE. This is a critical call since it informs the D man to turn his player.

13. LIFT – Defensive reminder to get your stick under the attacker’s hands or stick and LIFT to disrupt the shooting or passing motion.

14. SHIFT LEFT – The player guarding the ball is out of position a little and should SHIFT.

15. SHIFT RIGHT – Same as above, but in the other direction.

16. ISLAND – Let’s a defender know he has NO slide help. Hopefully this is a rarity. This term is also a message to off ball defenders to setup the slide.

17. YOU’RE GOOD – Let’s defender know his positioning is perfect and no adjustments are necessary. Just keep playing solid defense.

Defenders Off The Ball 

18. CLEAR – A save has just been made and its time to start the clear. Each member of the defense should break to an open spot on the field.

19. SHOT –  Many times defenders do not have an eye on the ball while playing defensive. The goalie yells “SHOT” when an attackmen shoots to indicate that a shot has been taken.

20. CHECK – An offensive pass just entered into the crease and defensive players should check the sticks of their opponent. This should the loudest call you make because it means a critical feed is coming into the crease and must be stopped.

21. FIRE or SLIDE – Indicates that the on ball defender is beat and the must team must slide. This call must also be delivered loud and with urgency.

22. SAG IN – The defensive unit is too expanded and should SAG IN a little closer to the goal so as not to get overextended.

23. STICKS UP – Reminder for D unit to keep their sticks in the passing lanes, especially on man down.

24. CUTTER or CUTTER 34 – Alerts your team that the offensive side is sending a cutter and the player with the ball is looking to feed. Additionally you can add jersey number to this call for more information.

General Communication

25. NUMBER UP – Each player should find the man they’re guarding.

26. BALL DOWN – Let’s team know the ball is loose.

27. RELEASE – Let’s team know we’ve picked up the loose ball and no more hits should occur

28. MIDDIES GET BACK – Reminder to defensive middies to sprint back to the defensive end to help out on D.

29. MAN COMING IN – Let’s team know there’s a new offensive player entering from the box.

30. HERE’S YOUR HELP – This call is used during the clear. When a defender picks up a loose ball and you want him to pass it back to the goalie, we’ll let him know HERE’S YOUR HELP.

31. GILMAN – Use this when you want your team to execute a GILMAN clear, i.e. short time on the clock, man down and in trouble during the clear. This is also used when the other team is executing a GILMAN clear. In this scenario the defenseman should be close to their attackman to deny them from getting the loose ball.

32. ROTATE – When you using a rotation defense, this call tells the team to execute the ROTATE slide.

33. SHOOTER 24 – If your scouting report indicates that #24 is their shooter, you should yell SHOOTER #{jersey number} to remind the team. The SHOOTER call should let the #1 slide know he needs to go earlier.

34. FEEDER 24 – Similarly, if your scouting report indicates that #24 is a feeder, you can yell FEEDER when he has the ball. This lets your team know to be ready for the feed and to also slide a little later usual.

35. PICK LEFT / PICK RIGHT / PICK BEHIND – If the offense is using screens or picks you need to call those out so defender know how to play them. Call PICK LEFT / PICK RIGHT, or PICK BEHIND anytime you see a pick setup.

36. TALK D – The goalie should not be the only one talking. For great defensive communication everyone should be communicating. If you notice your defense is quiet, yell TALK D to remind them to be vocal.

37. SCREEN – This means that the defenseman in the crease is screening you and needs to move out of the way.

38. FAST BREAK – This alerts the defense that the offense has a fast break developing and they should setup in a triangle to stop the 4 on 3.


39. WHO’S HOT? – If you don’t know who is the slide, we yell WHO’S HOT. If you know who’s hot and he isn’t calling out “I’m hot” then you can yell “Jason, you’re hot”. The defender with the #1 slide responsibility should yell I’M HOT to let the team know he’ll be hte slide.

40. WHO’s 2? – Same idea as above but for the 2nd slide. The defender should yell I’m 2 to let the team know the 2nd slide is covered.

Offensive Formation 

41. They’re in 2-2-2! They’re in 1-3-2! They’re in 2-3-1! – The goalie should recognize what offensive formation the offense is using and call it out to the team. When the offense changes formations during a possession you should also call out the new formation.

42.  GET TO THE HOLE – Whenever there’s a broken clear/play you want your D to make sure they get to the top side of the crease first and then number up from there. Remember we always play defense from the inside out.

43. WHO’S GOT POINT ON BREAK? / WHO”S GOT 2?  – When the ball is on the other end of the field always make sure your defensemen know where they’re going if a fast break happens.

44. HOLD / GO for fast breaks – On a fast break – a “hold” or a “go” call for the point man – sometimes you need/want that point man on break to go sooner or later. “Hold” tells him to let the guy leading the break come to him before he plays him, usually a shooter who isn’t a threat. “Go” tells him to force a play earlier.

45. UP AND OVER – On the clear, let a teammate on one side of field know he has someone open on the far side of the field. When they’ve got somebody on their hands it can be hard to see it.

46. MAN ON – When a teammate has a defender/rider pursuing that they may or may not be aware of.

47. MIDDIE BACK  – When one of your poles has the ball and is heading for the midfield line, let’s the team know a middie must stay on the defensive half to avoid going offside.

48. SHUT OFF  – When the other team has the ball in the stick of a poor shooter or poor passer on offense or just when clearing. you want your D to extend on their guys and shut them off to put more pressure on the shaky player. Can be tough to get this one working with a young D but college and up…they should know what you’re doing. Great call when a long pole who doesn’t want to shoot comes across midfield with the ball.

49. RESET – After something dynamic like a slide or a contested ground ball or a failed clear has happened, or the defense has chased for possession of a shot, and is out of position.  Making this call prompts the defense to hurry up and be ready to stop the next attack.

50. STILL GOT IT – More and more in today’s game we’re seeing men’s players throw big fakes to try and trick the defense. STILL GOT IT – means exactly that, the player still has the ball.

Go Bears!

Coach Dan


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